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  • "Joyce, the website looks great!!!! Thanks a bunch for all of your hard work."

  • "Joyce, it looks terrific. Everyone loves your work, and I am receiving many compliments." 

  • "Thank you Joyce. I really appreciate you..."

  • "I'm so excited. An old client was looking on the internet and found my site and called for an appointment. Success!"

  • "Thanks for all you have done and continue to do for us. I have loved working with you all these years and your attention to detail and responsiveness is truly, truly amazing. Thank you again!"

  • "It looks fabulous. Thank you for the redo of the website. I really appreciate you working extra hard this week to get it done!!!!"

  • "I cannot begin to tell you how incredibly happy I am with the website! VERY well done! You hit a home run! You did genuinely such a wonderful job; I cannot begin to thank you enough."

  • "The site looks good! I want to thank you for your work on this. I know it was a bigger project than originally anticipated, and it must have been very disruptive to your work schedule. You are the consummate professional, though. You never offered any pushback, or any complaint. Thank you."

  • "Joyce, Thank you for a job well done! The Board is very pleased with your work. Throughout your development of our website, I have very much appreciated your quick responses and thorough answers."

  • "I really appreciate your work and we have gotten compliments."

  • "I love the new website. Clean, professional, and what I had envisioned in my mind."

  • "I just love working with you!"

  • "Thanks for all your help!! The site looks great!! My hubby & one of his buddies saw it the other day & thought it looked fantastic!! I'm more than thrilled with the website. I'm sooo excited to get it live."

  • "The site looks great!!! Thanks a bunch for everything. You have been wonderful to put up with all of my additions and to ask all sorts of questions along the way to get it right the first time."

  • "It looks wonderful! Thank you so much. I know we still have more work to do, but this is a major milestone for us."

  • "I have the BEST web person ever! U GO GIRL even though every time I talk to someone they assume it's a guy.......Niche Marketing you ROCK!"

  • "The new Home Page looks great. You did such a nice job with the finishing touches which make the site visually appealing and inviting. And a very big thank you for getting it all done so quickly."

  • "IT IS GORGEOUS!!! Thanks for all your hard work."

  • "Joyce, Thank you very much - you did a great job on the site."

  • "This is FABULOUS!!! Love it all!"

  • "One rarely encounters people with a standard of excellence worthy of superlatives... Web developer Joyce Evans of Niche Marketing brought this to the web with significant skill, determination, inspiration and good humor. Her continuing support is a blessing."

  • "Our experience with Niche Marketing was a very positive one. Niche Marketing was able to take our ideas and turn them into the website we wanted. The service was excellent and the final product exceeded our expectations."

  • "I really like the site. It is going to really separate us from the competition. It looks clean and to the point, and I really like the choice of colors you went with. The forms look and work Great!! I am very pleased with how everything turned out."

  • "Joyce is a great communicator in explaining the steps of 'building' a web site. My questions and concerns were easily rectified by her objective advice and patience. She does not hurry you nor push you one way or the other when there are decisions. The final decision is yours. Joyce was tireless in her tremendous effort on my behalf.

  • "Very good job on such a quick turn-around time, Joyce! Thanks!"

  • "Hi Joyce, Thank you again - I really appreciate your diligence."

  • "I am so excited about the website; it looks great! Thank you for working so quickly on this!"

  • "Hi Joyce!! If you were a guy I'd say, 'You da' man!!' It looks fabulous - very professional and captivating!! I LOVE IT!!! Thank you Joyce! This rally is the most exciting thing that has ever happened for me and I owe it all to you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"

  • "Effie and I are impressed."

  • "Thanks Joyce. It looks great!"

  • "Niche Marketing has been so instrumental in the growing of my business. All of my correspondence with Joyce has been via e-mail, and she has been a godsend. Joyce has such an eye for detail. Her personality and professionalism set Joyce and Niche Marketing apart from the average web designers.

  • "Joyce - It looks great!!! We are so pleased with the site. Thank you for all of your hard work."

  • "Joyce, just a note to tell you everything about the web site is working great. Everyone comments on how good the Home page looks and how easy it is to flow from page to page. You made the process of building a web site interesting and informative. I am extremely pleased with the results. Thanks. I have appreciated your follow-up contacts."

  • "I wanted to say 'Thank You' for all of your time and work that you put into my site. It is very much appreciated, and I hope that I wasn't too much trouble with all the changes and with adding the forms for you to do. I know you worked late on this and I am grateful for you working with me on everything. My husband and I think that we definitely got more than super service and a wonderful site from all of your hard work. I know I will be referring you to anyone that I know that will be needing a web site created."
  • "The website is awesome! Great job! Pictures look very good on the home and program pages. Thanks for making all the improvements so we are proud to direct people to the site!"

  • "Joyce Evans was extremely professional every step of the way. She listened to my concerns and understood exactly what needed to be changed or added to our website. She finished the project in a timely manner, as promised, and effectively communicated with me throughout the process."

  • "Thanks for all you do!"

  • "My supervisor made the comment the other day that she is now proud to direct people to our website. She is very pleased with your work as am I."